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Research: Any subject, research is performed quickly and affordably and results are returned promptly. Locating unique or obscure items, or the value of Great Aunt Mildred’s tea kettle with chickens on it, are only a few of my capabilities.

References: Do you know what previous employers are saying about you? I will verify your references with complete confidentiality and return the results usually within 2 to 3 days (During the work week).

Investigations: I can help you locate missing friends or relatives, or nearly any other person or thing you’re looking for.

Fees: E-mail or call 877-897-1859 Toll-Free for more information and rates. Minimum two hours due up front. (Pay by Check or credit card)

ALSO: Any fees I incur will be passed along to the customer.
(The customer will receive a detailed accounting along with the report.)

To begin your research or investigation, or if you have questions, please email me with ‘Research/Investigations’ in the subject line. Or call 877-897-1859

Thank you!

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