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Critical Customer Service Skills You Must Have

I wanted to share an excellent article on customer service with you, I know how important this topic is to my fellow virtual assistants. Enjoy! Kathy McCabe


Critical Customer Service Skills You Must Have

By Dennis Sommer (

Do want to be known as “The Expert” or “The Guru”? Do you want to advance your career and income? If you answered yes to both of these questions then you need to become a “Top Performer” in your profession. Whether you are now a Manager, Executive, Consultant, Sales or Service Specialist, then Customer Service skills will be one of the keys to your success. Experience and knowledge in your area of specialty may make you an above average performer, but to be a “Top Performer” start implementing the following 16 Customer Service skills and action items today.

Top performers are successful by being honest, respecting a clients intelligence and focusing all their energies on how to make a difference in a clients life. After reviewing the following “Top Performer” Customer Service skills and action items, you will know how to be more effective, efficient, and successful.

As customer satisfaction improves, so does your revenue and career.
1. Your attitude, attention, and commitment to resolving customer complaints will have a huge impact on customer satisfaction and the likelihood that they will buy more.
2. Money motivates in the short term but helping make a customer’s life better will provide sustained success.
3. Guarantee your offering and stand by it. It is best to offer an unconditional money back guarantee.
4. Trust in your company and the customers perception of the level that your company and people will stand behind the offering in the event of problems is the number one reason customers purchase an offering.
5. The best way to serve your company is by putting the customer first. You may lose a sale today, but long term rewards will be much greater.
6. Quality improvements that improve customer satisfaction are more profitable than those focused on cost cutting.
7. Help customers achieve their goals.
8. Achieve your goals by satisfying customers.
9. Have the best interest of the customer in mind.
10. Get customers to discuss their needs with you.
11. Influence customers by information rather than by pressure.
12. Offer an offering that is best suited to meet a customers needs.
13. Answer a customers question as correctly as possible.
14. Try to bring a customer with a problem together with a offering that helps them solve that problem.
15. Disagree with a customer in order to help them make a better decision.

16. Give a customer an accurate expectation of what the offering will do for them.

About The Author – Dennis Sommer

Dennis Sommer is the founder and CEO of Executive Business Advisers, a management consulting firm specializing in business growth, sales and profit

Dennis helps companies increase sales revenue, reduce sales and marketing costs, improve marketing ROI, and drive new business growth by improving and optimizing their sales, marketing, company strategy and financial health.

Dennis is a highly sought after business keynote and seminar speaker and author of several highly popular sales, marketing, leadership and professional development international articles and .

Contact Dennis at 800-627-6512.

Kathy McCabe

Kathy McCabe

Geography is no boundary... at The Hilltop Group, LLC /Secretarial
Kathy is an internationally recognized virtual assistant serving her clients for over 20 years. She was named the Thomas Leonard Virtual Assistant of Distinction for 2013; Semi-Finalist in the 2005 Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year® program for the Rocky Mountain Region;and has been featured in numerous publications and books. Kathy's clients range from individuals, entrepreneurs, coaches and professional organizers to large multi-national corporations, and are located around the globe.
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"To Whom It May Concern: In this day business are facing challenges from every direction, change is the only constant. Staying focused and having support of someone who anticipates, is proactive and can reach varied connections between her clients and their customers can sometimes be the critical competitive advantage necessary for a small to medium business. Kathy and her operation are more than services, individually helping and supporting a client's business. The synergy of all these services is a partner who reaches into each client and helps them get to their individual goal and to reach the next stage of their success. No matter what change in their environment, no matter what circumstances with their customers, or what challenges arise, by the very nature of business. Kathy is proactive, anticipatory, absolutely transparent, and more than that, has improved the very nature of the message and relationships I have of the business with all my clients. She, in fact, has raised the bar in my business, in my relationships, and in my growth with those customers. Her breadth of technology, her knowledge of administration, her ability to communicate, her follow through and her proactivity, all come together as I have said, to form a dynamic partnership that increases the bond between everyone of her clients and their customers. I actively recommend and recognize that she has taken the art of being a virtual assistant to the next level. If anything, she is a master. Feel free to contact me for further information. 908-771-0512."
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