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Turning Hobbies into Careers

Do you have a hobby you would like to make money with? I think many of us have thought about turning a hobby into a money-making venture at some point.

My hobbies include fishing (although I don’t have a chance to fish often enough!), genealogy, photography, reading, writing, graphic design, and so on.

Fishing isn’t something I would ever try to make money with-its just for fun. I began my genealogical research years ago, honing my skills by finding long lost relatives, from the past to the present. I cultivated this skill and began offering research services as part of my business. Its proven profitable and very interesting. Through genealogy, I learned heraldic designs, then added that skill to my repertoire.

Recently, my passion for photography became an income generator when several of my photos sold unexpectedly. Also, for holiday presents, I designed several journals and a calendar featuring my photos, and my family went crazy for them. One of my sisters urged me to start offering my photos for sale, and after much thought, I did!

The latest venture for me is my very own online gallery, Kathy Ritchie Photography, at It’s a work in progress but I’m very excited!

My point is, don’t discount your hobbies as money making ventures. Countless activities exist that could be a great niche service to your clients, or a brand new career for you.

Take inventory of your hobbies, crafts, and fun projects. Do research on what product or services are already available and go from there. You may find the next BIG TICKET service or product that sells like hotcakes, and was spawned from something you already love.

The main thing is to have fun, be creative, and have an open mind to all the possibilities.

Have a great March!

Kathy Ritchie
Editor, RSS Herald
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Resolving Disputes to get what you want


Not long ago I ordered a set of camera lenses, adapters, and filters for my new camera. I searched around for the best deal, and found it on eBay. I was so excited when the lenses came that I immediately went out to snap some photos. To my disappointment the new lenses worked horribly! I was shocked! (My first bad deal on eBay.) The pictures were distorted, and just awful.

I went back to the ad and re-read it carefully. I discovered that the lenses I received were not as described in the eBay ad, nor were they fully compatible with my camera as stated. I contacted the seller, and after showing her a couple shots, she agreed that the quality was poor.

We discussed options for a little while, then finally, agreed to have her ship out the correct lenses, and I would return the filters, the adapter and incorrect lenses. I would only pay for my shipping of the lenses back to her.

My bottom line is: Don’t settle! If you’re not satisfied, and you know it should be different, speak up. Then you’ll get the clarity you deserve.

Photos by Kathy Ritchie, Leaves and Landscape shots are after the new (correct) lenses were delivered.

Thanks! Kathy Ritchie

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"Kathy's research has been both affordable and quick. I was amazed by both the speed with which she worked and the quantity of valuable information she uncovered. I will definitely use her research services again!"
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